Anyone who has a passion for the natural world would love to explore Madeira Islands. This website is intended to be a space to share views on the nature of Madeira Islands. These islands are an important tourist destination in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, known for their warm weather and natural beauty.

Visitants of Madeira Islands should not miss the extraordinary opportunity to explore and discover great features of its volcanic geology. Volcanoes can be overlooked but scoria cones can still be spotted on the landscape after a careful observation. Alternated layers of pyroclasts (rocks expelled by volcanoes to the air) and basalt, formed by massive flows of lava, can be observed everywhere. Some layers exhibit interesting basaltic prisms. In some places lava flow produced empty tubes, caves, that can be visited by people.

On the field of biology there is also a world to discover. In some regions of Madeira Island one can still find the forest Laurisilva (an ancient forest that once dominated vasts regions of Europe when its climate was warmer and more humid). There are some interesting endemic plants (orchids, ferns, etc) that can be appreciated in their natural habitat. At certain times of the year there are to be found, some of them exhibit bright colors, red, purple, orange, yellow, green... even blue, some of them are rare species that attest an unpolluted and pristine environment. On sea there are seals, dolphins, whales... Diving in Madeira Islands can reveal colorful fishes, shrimps, anemones... There are also some coral species.

Enjoy the nature of Madeira Islands!