Endemic brooms of Madeira

In a previous post I’ve written about three invasive broom species that can be found in Madeira Islands. Beside those invasive species we can also find two endemic broom species in Madeira.

The endemic broom species are Genista tenera (Madeiran Broom) and Teline maderensis (Piorno).

Genista tenera

Teline maderensis

Both species have yellow flowers. Genista tenera present single small leaves while Teline maderensis presents bigger trifoliate leaves with wider leaflets. The hairs on Genista tenera fruits are slightly shorter than those found on Teline maderensis fruits.

The color of Genista tenera plant is a bluish/greyish green, different from the green of the invasive species. The stem of Teline maderensis can be very rough, not smooth (because the pedicels fall off and stipules remains in the stem).

I have taken some photos of both species.

Genista tenera flower and fruits:

Teline maderensis flowers and leaves:

Leaves of Teline maderensis are usually mucronate (they have a kind of “spike” at the end) and present a clear midrib (middle vein).

Stem and leaves of both species (Genista at the left):

Fruits of both species:

Seeds of both species (Genista at the left):

The seeds are very much alike, both species have very dark seeds, however the seeds of Genista tenera tend to have a more polished surface than Teline maderensis.

Flowering and distribution

Genista tenera – “Flowering all year but mainly from March to to July. A common endemic of dry sunny cliffs and ravines, especially in southern Madeira, from sea level to 1700m.” [1] . Occur in Madeira Island.

Teline maderensis – “Flowering from April to October. An endemic frequent in laurisilva, rocky wooded ravines and maritime cliffs in the northern half of Madeira, up to 1500m, from Santo da Serra westwards to Seixal, extending around the coast to Faj√£ da Ovelha; also at Curral das Freiras and on Deserta Grande; recorded in error from the Salvage Islands.” [1]. Occur in Madeira and Desertas Islands.

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  1. awordie@btinternet.com'Alice Wordie

    I have a Genista maderemsis whick is beautiful and I would like to take a cutting. Is it possible?
    If not could you tell me how to propagate it. Thank yiu

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