Non-stop Lightning Storm

Yesterday I recorded an amazing lightning storm.

During the day there were some showers, but as the night came there was no clouds anymore right above the city of Funchal. However, at one edge of the city, towards the mountains, something unusual began to take place. Apparently it was not far away, it seemed to be nearby, only a few miles away. Some big clouds gathered and started to produce continuous lightning, lots of lightning, without any thunder whatsoever. I have never seen such thing. It was a delight to see, a real natural fireworks show. It began at about 21:30 and only ended at about midnight.

It was not cold and it was not raining in Funchal anymore. Maybe it is a case of what is known as “Heat Lightning“.

I managed to record this amazing natural phenomenon on video. Here is the video of the Lightning Storm Show:

This video could be better in terms of focus but you can still see how fantastic the lightning was. I only noticed it was not properly focused after a while. Then I corrected my camera settings and the image quality got much better. For now I was only able to produce this video (the part before I corrected the image quality) but I intend to make a second better quality video. So, stay tuned.

Here are some photos of the lightning event. Enjoy:








The same view to where everything happened, the next day morning:

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