Trees cut down at Ecological Park

The fires of 2010 in Madeira changed the landscape dramatically.
Vast areas above the city of Funchal that used to be covered by green forest became naked, scattered with dead trees. The “Parque Ecol√≥gico do Funchal” was devastated, only some groups of trees have survived there.

5 years after that environmental catastrophe we can finally see that the mountains are getting cleaned from all the dead wood that could dangerously feed new fires in the future.

However, we sadly found that in “Parque Ecol√≥gico do Funchal” not only dead trees were cut down. Several trees were now killed in the process. They were killed in a leisure area where it was a blessing to still have them alive. In a central leisure area in that Ecological Park several pine trees with about 40 years, that have survived the last fires, were cut down:

As you can see the trees were alive when they were cut down. We can still see its green foliage.

Why were those trees killed in an Ecological Park?

So many trees were burnt by the flames in the recent fires… so much efforts have been made by dedicated people in recent years in planting new trees in Madeira, trees that will take many decades to grow (if they survive at all), and these trees that were fully grown, were killed, right at the heart of the Ecological Park…

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One thought on “Trees cut down at Ecological Park


    The Ecological Park’s main problem is not the lack of trees (the majority destroyed in the fires were non native) but the various invasive trees and shrubs that there is an ongoing battle to control. With limited resources the park staff work tirelessly to propagate and replant native species whilst holding back the tide of invasive encroachment.

    Yes, maybe a shame to lose several amenity trees (non native and invasive) but certainly in keeping with a sound ecological strategy for the park. Amenity trees for amenity areas, sound ecological theory for areas that need protecting.

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